CoolSculpting – My 4 week Check in Results

I’d love to hear more about under the chin. I’ve lost about 40 lbs and have a lot to go, but I’m starting to see loose skin under my chin. Does it tighten the skin as well as getting rid of the fat, or is this one more for younger folks who have skin elasticity still? (I am 43)

as always your videos are the best .. you will never understand how much your honesty means to me .. you are a very genuine chic anyway … DOC QUESTION!!!!!!!! I’ve been thinking hard about cool sculpting for my um i guess you would call it double chin .. ive gained some pounds and then ill lose it then ill gain im sure alot of us know what I’m talking about anyway ive struggled with getting the fat under my chin to go away like i love the way my faace is shaped but from the weight my chin and around that area i just cant get rid of it plus im 37 years old so i really wanna find any info on this area so i dont really know how to do the questions about it so any info will be so much appreciated.. maybe cost of that area is it worth it to do that area ect……. also ive had 2 c sections ive thought of a tummy tuck but im scared and ive been looking into cool sculpting for awhile but if i do my belly then im gonna have to do my thighs and inner thighs and i can only imagine how much that would end up costing so as of now im really interested in any information you can help with the under chin area thanks stephanie so much i can’t wait for your update …

What’s the most amount a stomach fat you can reasonably expect to be frozen off?
In the video she specified ~20% of fat cells

Thighs, Knees & Calves Liposuction in Huntington, Long Island NY by Lebowitz Plastic Surgery

This thigh, knee and calf liposuction video is by Dr. Lebowitz at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, located in Huntington, Long Island NY. This patient’s main concern was diet and exercise-resistant fat of her inner and outer thighs, knees and calves. She requested reduction and contouring of these areas so she could wear more flattering pants and skirts during the spring and summer months.

Each procedure is accomplished under local anesthesia in his Huntington, Long Island office. Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz custom tailors his liposuction procedure to use laser smart liposuction to melt and remove the fat of her thighs, knees and calves. A big advantage of the laser smart liposuction procedure is skin tightening resulting in a smoother contoured result with minimum downtime.

The liposuction procedure involves a combination of three laser wavelengths, using the Smartlipo TriPlex Workstation to gently melt stubborn areas of fat, while tightening the skin of the upper thighs, knees and calves. The first two wavelengths melt and liquefy the deep fat, followed by a second combination to “shrink wrap” the skin for a tighter, contoured and smoother result. After the laser is completed, he uses both liposuction and liposculpture to gently remove the melted fat to complete her new and improved look.

Unlike temporary nonsurgical, dermatological procedures; such as freezing, heating, ultra sound or cooling fat treatments, the fat cells will return to their pre-treatment size within 1-Year. All laser smart liposuction results are 100% permanent, the fact cells will never return or go elsewhere. The laser component causes the skin to continue tightening over 6-to-12 months.

Many of Dr. Lebowitz’s patients also consider liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and back to complete their overall new look.


Liposuction Before and After – Results of Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery

Liposuction Before and After – Results of Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery – For More Top Trending Videos Visit:

Liposuction can be done by itself or along with other procedures such as a tummy tuck, breast reduction or facelift.

Some other names for liposuction, include the following, lipo, liposculpture suction lipectomy (“suction-assisted fat removal”), or lipoplasty (“fat modeling”).

This cosmetic surgery operation’s primary purpose is to remove excess fat deposits from different areas of the body. commonly treated areas include the butt, thighs, back of the arms, neck and abdomen/belly.

Parts of the body where liposuction is done:

Outer thighs (saddlebags)
Flanks (love handles)
Inner thighs
Inner knees
Upper arms
Submental (chin),(gullet)
Gynecomastia (male breast tissue)

Several factors limit the amount of fat that can be safely removed in one session. Ultimately, the operating physician and the patient make the decision. There are negative aspects to removing too much fat. Unusual “lumpiness” and/or “dents” in the skin can be seen in those patients “over-suctioned”. The more fat removed, the higher the surgical risk.

While reports of people removing 50 pounds (20 kg or around 4 stone) of fat have been claimed, the contouring possible with liposuction may cause the appearance of weight loss to be greater than the actual amount of fat removed. The procedure may be performed under general, regional, or local anesthesia. The safety of the technique relates not only to the amount of tissue removed, but to the choice of anesthetic and the patient’s overall health.

It is ideal for the patient to be as fit as possible before the procedure and not to have smoked for several months. In addition liposuction has not been found to be effective for the treatment of cellulite. Cellulite is the dimpled, or loose saggy skin commonly found on the buttocks, thighs and hips. Lipo can enhance the appearance of your bodies contours and result in an improved self-image.

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Liposuction case study

Laser LIPO Fat Removal

Cambridge Therapeutics’ Laser LIPO Fat Removal treatment is a revolutionary new technology for non-invasive Fat Reduction, Cellulite Reduction & Body Shaping.

It incorporates over 32 advanced lasers to safely penetrate the skin & are absorbed in the fat cells. This stimulation opens pores in the fat cell wall & breaks down the fat cell contents,
allowing fat to escape through the pores.

The fat cells then shrink & collapse and the excess is then safely removed by the body’s natural metabolic process. After each treatment, exercise is recommended to accelerate the removal of released fat from the area.

During your treatment, you simply lie comfortably on the treatment couch. Your therapist will place the laser pads for 10mins on each treatment area.

A course of 8 treatments is recommended over a 4 week period. You may feel a gentle warming sensation as the laser works to release fat. You can then return to normal daily activity – it’s that simple.

You can achieve significant inch-loss & with a sensible diet and excercise program, these results are be further enhanced and maintained. It’s SAFE, Affordable & Helps to improve your health and well-being for years to come. With up to 4cm inch-loss after every treatment.

Now you can achieve the results of LIPOSUCTION WITHOUT SURGERY.

Available at Cambridge@NgeeAnnCity Tel: 6733 6729 & Cambridge@Shaw Tel: 6235 0728

Laser Lipo, Fat Removal and Skin Tightening Hurray! The two dragons of aging youthfully and beautifully are finally tamed! With laser lipo, fat removal, and skin tightening no longer do you have to look older than you feel because of: 1) sagging, wrinkled skin, and 2) stubborn bulging belly fat.

Let’s talk about weight loss, laser liposution, fat removal and skin tightening with the i lipo. When you’re young, your own metabolism can pretty much handle the removal of fat. If you got the willpower, the right diet and the right exercise, you can definitely lose the unwanted belly fat, lose the weight and your physiology is still young enough for your skin to tighten back up and have a nice, firm, beautiful body contour. Without the help of a fat removal and skin tightening laser.

What if you’re over thirty or over 35? What happens when you go over the hill and your past 40? That’s where laser lipo, fat removal and skin tightening with i lipo comes in. You may lose the weight with correct diet and exercise, but sometimes, oftentimes, you have these pockets of resistant, stubborn, belly fat that just don’t want to leave. We can call those the saddle bags for women or maybe the love handles for men and or the muffin top for women. A little belly fat above and below can drive you crazy, absolutely crazy.

Used to be that the only thing you could do to reduce this unwanted belly fat was liposuction. An invasive, dangerous and painful process. Now with some of these brand new laser liposuction technologies, we can with non-invasive laser lipo procedures, stimulate your own physiology to reduce that belly fat naturally. Then of course our skin tightening laser will stimulate your skin to get tight again and make sure that you have a beautiful body contour after the body or belly fat is lost. Bottom line, a few laser lipo treatments here and we can give you back that youthful contour, that beautiful shape, that you long for.

What AMA Skincare’s proprietary SpectraLift non surgical facelift does for your skin, our SpectraLean laser fat removal and skin tightening protocol does for the stubborn pockets and layers of fat anywhere on your body. Utilizing a proprietary combination of state-of-the-art non-invasive laser lipo technologies, your own physiology is engaged to naturally reduce belly fat that has been staring back at you in the mirror and driving you crazy.

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Liposuction before and after smart lipo


Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center
3 Winslow Place
Paramus, New Jersey 07652

Follow my experience from initial consult to final result as I undergo Tumescent smart lipo liposuction surgery in Paramus, New Jersey Bregen County.

Hi. Welcome to Gartner Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. I’m going to be having liposuction surgery, aka liposculpture surgery smart lipo today in a couple different areas. So he’s going to to perform arm liposuction back here and abdominal lipo around my waist. The lovely love handles area, a little tummy liposuction and a little back liposuction. Thigh liposculpture around my outer thighs, and inner thigh liposuction a little bit. It’s to contour those areas where I have a little bit more padding.

The interesting thing about claudia is she is one of my employees at my Gartner Plastic Surgery center. I’ve known her for over six years now. We’ve worked in New Jersey together for a long time and she is probably the last person I would’ve thought that would of been interested in smart lipo liposuction just because she’s been seeing thousands of lipo surgery patients come and go and since she’s been working with me pretty much exclusively for the last several months I think she has seen I’ve had many types of liposuction patients who are very satisfied, very happy with their liposuction before and after results.

Getting to see Dr. Gartner’s lipo surgery patients. Getting to see how he interacts with his patients as a liposuction specialist. Seeing his patients before and after liposuction results. I feel very comfortable with him. I mean Smart Lipo is a very private procedure and it is kind of intimate. You’ve got to trust your liposuction doctor and you’ve got to have that bond. I’ve had the opportunity to be around him for years. I’ve seen him in the operating room. I’ve seen him with his patients before and after liposuction. I’m comfortable with him being my liposuction doctor. Very much so. He is a liposuction specialist.

For claudia we performed tumescent smart lipo liposuction of the abdominal area, stomach, of the waist, the lower back,and then the inner and outer thighs. We first started by addressing her abdominal area. That for her was one of her primary concerns. We initially did that and then performed liposculpture on the flanks or the love handle area and the lower back. We actually turned her completely on her side so we could really get in to lipo her lower back. Really give her some assemblance of a waist, somewhat of a shape. That takes a little longer but i think it is really an important thing for any patient who wants to really address this area well. It also allows us to see how the skin sits, how the tissues fall, because when they’re laying flat you can be fooled and when I do a liposuction procedure I take it very seriously and I want to make sure that we’re seeing everything from all true angles that would be replicated when someone is standing up.

It’s been a couple weeks since claudia had smart lipo liposuction. Pretty much all her swelling is gone. I think there is maybe a little more liposuction recovery time to go but 95 percent of it is gone. She looks great. What’s nice is when prospective lipo patients call she can show them her liposuction before and after results, or even tell them on the phone. It’s one thing to have seen all these liposuction procedures. To actually have gone through it, had Liposculpture in New Jersey, you can actually empathize with the patient. What you’re saying is actually correct. If someone is telling you something it’s one thing, but if in fact they had it done then there’s some credibility there. Oh my god you have shrunk up a lot.

I would definitely getsmart lipo liposculpture again. I have no hesitation saying that even though there’s pain afterwords. Even though there was a time during my liposuction recovery when I was swollen. I would easily get lipo surgery again just because I feel so much more comfortable now. Looking back i kind of almost wish I would have thought about having lipo surgery sooner. It’s amazing how much fat can be removed with liposuction in New Jersey.

Dramatically there is a huge change in my clothing. Dramatically there is a huge change when I put on a swimsuit. I feel it as well even just in the way that my body feels right now. It’s a lot tighter. I don’t have any of those little insecurities. Even when I bend over I don’t have that bunch on the side. Where we usually have that little love handle.

I’ve always been pretty social and I’ve always kind of had a confidence behind me. Now it’s like a little boost there. I don’t do certain things like that now. Now I’m just pretty comfortable just being me.


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How does Laser Lipo work?

This video provides a detailed overview of what to expect on the day of your laser lipo procedure. Side effects, medications, and the recovery period are discussed briefly as well. Types of laser lipo techniques are provided in the final portion of the clip.